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I was diagnosed with [health condition] in 2008. Since then I’ve lived in constant severe pain and muscle spasms, I’ve been on numerous medications and tried several natural remedies and nothing has helped till now, I highly recommend this product!! I purchased this a few weeks ago and it has truly helped me in more ways then I could ever imagine, the staff at Queen City Hemp are so knowledgeable and kind! I’m beyond thankful for coming across this product as it’s dramatically improved my life, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have a returning customer and I’m forever thankful and blessed!

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I have had [health condition] for 18 years (probably more, undiagnosed), and I have uterine fibroids. The two of these together causes a nightmarish amount of pain and inflammation, usually about 7-10 days each month – so, I’m stuck in bed in the fetal position, crying my eyes out, and can’t work. Doctors have told me that, short of surgery, there’s not much they can do to help manage my pain. And, because [health condition] patients can’t take NSAIDs, the most I’ve been able to do for my excruciating pain is wear a heating pad all day. This is my second month using CBD oil, and it has been an absolute game-changer for pain management!!! I haven’t felt this good or hopeful in years! It may not be a cure to [health condition], but it has given me my life back, and my insides feel like they are “breathing” for the first time in almost two decades. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!

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I’m female in my 60’s and have worked in manufacturing most of my life. In my mid 30’s I had back surgery. It worked well but left that area prone to strains and general pain. The concrete and repetitive work has worn out my joints and I hurt most of the time. I keep reading how NSAIDs are bad for older folks so I stopped using them. Within a short time I was thinking of retiring. I hurt all the time. I was in a group that was talking about medical uses of pot and CBD oil came up. I had never heard of it. I looked it up found too much info that confused me. So, I went to a shop that I assumed sold such a thing. It did and they introduced me to QC. I got the 750mg at their suggestion. Works for me. The pain I can ignore. I’m sleeping much better. My mood is even more stable. And it is legal. Oh, I have no intention of retiring any time soon. I like my job.

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750mg Tincture


I am a 38 year old female from Cincinnati and have [health condition]. It had all gotten to the point that I was almost completely bed-ridden as of just last week. The pain, fatigue, headaches, and brain fog had me non functional. That is until I found this oil. I started out with the 250ml bottle and took half a dropper full under my tongue. Held it for a couple minutes then swallowed. The taste is a little earthy but the hint of mint definitely makes it do-able. Within minutes I actually felt better. I took this three times a day and buy the end of day 2 I was virtually pain free! This is a miracle. Great local company, honest product, I am beyond satisfied and will be a customer for life!

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