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The Lazarus Part II:

The Lazarus Lizards had been hiding out this summer due to the outbreak of COVID-19 with fear that their families may be in danger. During that time, they were stockpiling Hemp as fears of the crop’s overabundance in 2019 may turn into a shortage as farmers steered away from planting in 2020. Without official federal oversight, the crop did not have the ability to flourish like it should, but rumblings on Capitol Hill indicate that might occur sooner rather than later.


During their hideout, they tinkered and perfected a NEW formulation. A stronger potency to kick anyone’s endocannabinoid system into gear! From the depths of their bubbly spring, they brought forth this wondrous and magical creation to disperse to the world.


Introducing The Lazarus Limited Edition Lime Seltzer with 20 MG of Hemp Extract. Celebrating the return of operations to Cincinnati, Ohio – the native grounds of the Lazarus Lizards.


They hope to showcase their new home once fears of the virus subside…

The Podarcis Muralis aka European Wall Lizard aka The Lazarus Lizard has an interesting story in the greater Cincinnati area.  The folk lore suggests this species was smuggled to the US in 1951 by the 10 year-old step-son of Fred Lazarus III from a family vacation in Lake Garda in northern Italy.  Only a handful of the castaways survived but the ones that did found great solace in Cincinnati’s southern facing stone walls particularly in Torrence Court what has now become known as Lizard Hill.

We acknowledge this lizard with our limited-edition Lime CBD Seltzer Water as we move into hibernation for the winter.

The Lazarus Lizard likes long strolls on Lizard Hill, picnics and libations on Cincinnati’s southern facing stone walls.  Its hobbies are eating bugs, open mic nights with fellow lizards and opportunistically catching mosquitoes for cocktails.

The Mosquito Mojito

2oz Rum
½ oz fresh squeezed lime juice
½ oz simple syrup
3-4 fresh mint leaves
4oz The Lazarus CBD Seltzer

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add rum, lime juice, half the mint leaves and simple syrup.  Shake for 20-30 seconds.  Strain into a tall glass filled with ice, stir in the The Lazarus CBD Seltzer and garnish with mint leaves. 

*Gently roll the mint leaves up and smack them against the palm of your hand to garnish. 

CBD Mojito
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