Queen City Hemp Releases New Limited Edition Flavor of Jam in the Can Series

The New Pink Pineapple Ginger Hemp Seltzer Is Now Available

Queen City Hemp is bringing back another round of their Jam in the Can and this time it’s a brand new flavor, Pink Pineapple Ginger. Jam in the Can was designed to be a platform to showcase local musicians and has become an innovative way to support the Cincinnati music scene.

Each can of the Pink Pineapple Ginger includes a QR code that gives music fans free access to recordings and live performances by local musicians. A simple camera scan on your phone gets the live recordings straight to your ears. So is there any new music to stream with the new flavor? There sure is, and it’s one of Cincinnati’s favorites— Ernie Johnson From Detroit.

The nine piece band recorded a live performance in December at Queen City Hemp’s warehouse stage. Literally putting the jam in the cans. In addition to live music, you can also check out local comedian Dusty Lewis’ opening act for the show. Thanks to Queen City Hemp’s distribution, anyone who has a can of the new Pink Pineapple Ginger can gain access to their Jam in the Can content.

The limited edition flavor has a total of 20mg Hemp Extract. It’s the perfect way to kick back, relax, and support our local musicians & artists right here in Cincinnati. Enjoy the new Pink Pineapple Ginger Hemp Seltzer, now available on www.Queencityhemp.com

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