Even though some gyms still have their doors closed, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach your health, wellness, and fitness goals with Hemp. With summer now in full swing, here are our top ways to workout without the gym. Grab your virtual workout buddy and let’s get sweating!

Do an outdoor circuit.

            Many fitness influencers are sharing their at-home workouts on social media, and this is definitely the time to take advantage of free advise. No matter if you want to do low or high intensity, find a workout online with exercises that make you feel powerful and strong. Some of our favorites are jumping jacks, high knees, burpees, and lunges! If the sun is shining, take your workout outdoors for some extra Vitamin D!


Walk the pup.

            Taking your furry friend on a walk is a win-win! You get to take a break from your busy day to get some steps in, and your pup gets a workout. Walking is an extremely underrated form of exercise. Although low intensity, Better Health states that walking for at least 30 minutes a day can improve and maintain your overall health. So, throw on a podcast and get walking! Don’t forget to take your Queen City Hemp (pssst…it’s pet-friendly, too)!


Get some wheels.

            No, we’re not talking about a car or a motorcycle. We’re talking about kicking it old school with your skateboard, roller blades, or bike! Not only can you get to your destinations faster on a set of wheels, it is a great workout and form of cardio. Next time you’re thinking about driving to your local coffee shop, turn it into a fun way to exercise. Then, get your spouse and kids involved for some family fun!


Explore a new area

No matter if you live in the city or the suburbs, we promise that you haven’t experienced every single sight. Instead of following a map – go to a new area in town, or find a new trail to hike (as long as you know it’s safe to do so). Some of our favorite walks and hikes have been unplanned and they end up giving you the most amazing views. Don’t be afraid to find more adventure in your life! Don’t forget to bring along a Hemp Seltzer, too. They make the best adventure buddies and keep you cool and collected!

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