Billboard Featuring Hemp Leaf Raises Questions About New Beverage for Sale in Cincinnati

Drive south on I-71 through Cincinnati and you might do a double-take when you see one particular billboard.

The sign advertises a new drink and features what looks like a marijuana leaf.

The drink, made by Queen City Hemp, is selzter water infused with CBD, an ingredient often confused with pot.

Nicholas Balzer, CEO of Queen City Hemp, is behind the digital display next to the interstate, just before the new MLK interchange.

He said the new drink he’s advertising is not laced with marijuana.

“It’s cannabidiol,” Balzer said. “It’s one of the compounds commonly found in cannabis. It’s non-psychoactive, but it has a majority of the medicinal benefits.”

Called CBD for short, cannabidiol comes from hemp plants, which are now being grown in several states, including Kentucky.

After creating oils with CBD, Balzer and his business partner figured out a way to add the oil to seltzer water.

“No calories, no sugar, no sodium,” Balzer said. “It’s a guilt-free CBD product. And it will hydrate you, as well as give you the benefits.”

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