Vaping CBD Oil: Instructions and Benefits

Vaping has exploded in popularity over the last decade, with many people using it as a means to wean themselves off of cigarettes and tobacco. However, most standard vapes still contain harmful chemicals and nicotine.

If you enjoy vaping but are looking for a healthier alternative, consider vaping CBD oil. This is a great way to continue enjoying your vaping experience without the harmful, addictive substances often associated with e-liquid. In fact, CBD oil contains a number of beneficial vitamins and substances with outstanding health benefits.

CBD vaping liquid essentially adds in a nutritional supplement to what is already a calming and comforting activity. Many people use CBD oil for its ability to provide anxiety relief. This quieting effect on your mind can be especially welcome during long, stressful work days. If you find yourself under constant stress at your job or in other areas of life, taking some time during your day to vape CBD oil can help you find some much-needed relaxation, allowing you to stay mentally clear and productive at other points in your day.

Vaping with CBD liquid is also extremely convenient. You can easily take a vape pen with you anywhere you go, whether it’s in a purse, briefcase or your pocket. Vaping is not banned under public smoking laws, so you can pop outside or to a quiet area to have a moment to yourself to relax and vape. It produces only a small amount of odor, which means it is not distracting to other people nearby.

Getting Started:

  • Find the right pen/battery, we recommend starting with a vape starter kit that comes with both a battery (rechargeable) and cartridge, then you only have to replace the cartridge when you run out.
  • Find the right oil for you, a 1 ml cartridge is a great amount to start with, pick a flavor that sounds good and keep trying new ones until you find your favorite. Make sure you also pick a cartridge that is compatible with your battery (some cartridges require a battery with a push-button, others do not).
  • Finally, make sure you follow both the instructions for using the pen most effectively, as well as storing the cartridges safely.

To learn more about vaping CBD e-liquid, contact us today. We have a variety of hemp-based products available for your perusal.

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