The Effects and Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

vapingOne of the most popular means of using CBD oil is vaping, in which the liquid oil is heated and inhaled through a vape pen, vaporizer or e-cigarette. CBD vape oil can be purchased from just about any retailer that sells standard CBD oil.

The effects of CBD oil when vaped tend to be fewer than other methods of administering CBD, such as tinctures, concentrates and capsules. Vaping CBD is non-addictive and does not give a high, which makes it safe and beneficial.

What are some of those benefits of vaping CBD oil? We’ve named five:

1. No need for a doctor’s recommendation: Unlike medical marijuana and cannabis products, there is no need for a doctor’s recommendation for vaping CBD oil. It is available to anyone of age—you can go online, purchase CBD pens and have them shipped directly to you.

2. Consistent dosage: It can be challenging to figure out the correct dosage when using hemp products. This is made even more difficult when different forms of CBD oil (capsules vs. tinctures, for example) might have their own absorption rates. If you simply order pre-dosed disposable CBD oil cartridges to use for vaping, you will get the same dose of CBD every single time, with a consistent absorption rate.

3. Pleasurable: While there are certainly plenty of benefits to taking CBD oil in a capsule or tincture form, vaping can be a much more enjoyable activity.

4. Convenient and discrete: Cities across the United States are getting tougher with their public smoking bans. However, CBD pens and vaporizers do not involve burning—they merely make a vapor, so you do not have to worry about those smoking bans. Plus, the vaporizers create only a small amount of odor, so it will not linger on your clothes or create an oppressive, unenjoyable atmosphere for other people in the area. CBD pens are easy to take with you wherever you go to get a quick dose when needed.

5. Anxiety relief: CBD is known to have a calming effect for people suffering from anxiety. Many people also find the actual act of vaping to be calming in its own right, which means you may be able to double up on the anxiety relief you get. The calming effects of CBD usually last for about two hours before you take another dose.

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