How to Find the Best CBD Oil for Vaping

You’ve decided you’re ready to give vaping CBD oil a try. But how do you determine which type of CBD oil e-liquid you will vape?

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself as you make this decision:

Is it a homogenous liquid?

Any time you are going to vape, you want to use a product that is uniform and well-mixed, rather than one that easily separates itself into different layers. Separation is a frequent challenge that producers of CBD oil e-liquid need to overcome, as CBD oil often does not mix well with the most common e-liquid bases. However, there are CBD oil e-liquids out there that do manage to be homogeneous, and those products are the standard of this particular form of CBD oil use.

Does the liquid have a good clarity?

The clearer the liquid, the better quality it likely is. It should be translucent, meaning light easily passes through it without being blocked or hindered. Lower quality products will have a cloudy or syrupy appearance. You will notice the clarity of the liquid as soon as it is dispensed.

Does the product live up to its label claims?

There is still a relative lack of regulation in the CBD oil industry, which means many companies do not quite live up to the claims they put on their labels. Therefore, consumers must carefully review these claims when using the product to determine the product actually fulfills them. The only way to truly know the product will meet all of its claims before purchase is to check to see if it has been tested by a reputable third party lab or agency. Most legitimate, transparent producers of CBD oil e-liquid will be more than happy to provide the testing results from these third-party agencies.

Will the e-liquid work with your type of vaporizer?

There can occasionally be problems with some types of CBD oil e-liquid not working well with all vaporizers. This is especially likely if the liquid is not homogenous—the layer that separates itself can damage the vaporizer tank, especially if the vaporizer uses a cotton wick. Non-homogenous oils can dry out and harden on the wicks, which makes the tank unusable. The best method of preventing this is to get a homogenous liquid, but you can also find tanks that have ceramic heating elements.

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