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Wondering what actual people are saying about our QC Infusion products? Below we’ve assembled a collection of reviews from across a variety of platforms. We sincerely appreciate the people who have taken time to spread the word!

“I have been in chronic pain for years with IBD, most recently dealing with extreme inflammation and pain, but tried your CBD Oil today and was able to get out of pain and discomfort immediately. I literally teared up I was so happy to be feeling better. I can’t believe more people aren’t trying this holistic approach to pain and inflammation. My body thanks you!” – Stephanie B.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful this product is. I’ve been able to give up pain pills and I thought I would be on them for life.” – Rebecca J.

“Thank you for giving my life back to me, I was dx with multiple sclerosis in December 2008 since then I’ve lived in horrible pain as well as muscle spasms, for the past almost 3 weeks thanks to your product I’ve been living a life pain free and hardly any muscle spasms, I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me and how much better I feel, I’m blessed and thankful!!” – Lorrie P.

“I received a bottle [of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids] at the launch party for this product on May 20th. In the last two weeks, I have woken up with less pain than I had before using this product. I am grateful to Robert and Nic for their efforts at providing such a helpful and healthy product. I’m an enthusiastic convert to the therapeutic values of hemp oil as a result of the bottle I was given last month. Thanks Guys!” – Jason D.

“I’m 22 years old and have been a yoga instructor since I was 17, last year I broke my back, I hyperextended my sacrum and was told by doctors I would eventually be bedridden and advised multiple surgeries and spinal shots that made it worse.. I have tried over 50 different kinds of cbd in my path to healing myself. I purchased Queen City hemp 750 mct two weeks ago and I am 10 days off of my anti inflammatory that I usually could not walk if I wasn’t on it… From now on this is the only CBD I will use, the full spectrum serum has no comparison to everything else I have tried. I cry sometimes in gratitude that I found cbd it changed my life and saved me! It is the future of healing and now I we have our first local business QC Infusion spreading the healing and I could never thank you guys enough!” – Logan M.

“Probably the best customer service I have ever experienced. Response was quick and friendly, extremely satisfied. Amazing products, strongly recommend the vape with changeable tanks!” – Spencer S.

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