How to Find the Best CBD Oil for You

With the recent explosion in popularity of CBD oil products, it might be difficult for consumers to determine which products are best-suited for their needs. With so many choices, how do you know which CBD oil is right for you?

Here we’ve listed five things to consider as you make your choice:

Potencyhow to find best cbd oil

The potency of CBD oil refers to how much CBD the product contains. Third party analysis is the best way to determine how much CBD is in the product you buy. Labels can be misleading and sometimes not contain any of the active compound they claim to have in them. We post our third-party results on our website so you know exactly what’s in there.

How much CBD do you need in your CBD oil? It depends on the benefits you are looking to get. Most people tend to start off with about one or two milligrams of CBD each day for the first week they use the product, at which point they typically start to experience the benefits. After that point, it is easier to adjust the dosage levels to a level that feels correct.


What other ingredients are found in CBD oil? Take a look at the ingredient list and see if you can find any preservatives, additives, pesticides, herbicides or solvents. The more of these that are included, the less pure the oil is. You can find CBD oils that are made from non-GMO industrial hemp and grown using organic practices. Hemp derived oils typically utilize a solvent or carrier oil because the extract has a higher concentration of THC and can’t be sold directly.


Transparency is crucial to the decision making process when choosing a CBD oil. Companies that take the time to provide certified lab analyses of their products are typically going to have higher quality products than their competitors. These reports show the exact amount of CBD included in the product and proof that it is made without any unwanted additives.


The temptation with any type of product will be to look for the most affordable product available. However, keep in mind that the quality and purity of the CBD oil is very likely to be tied to its price. The upside being you will get more for your money by going for CBD oil products that have been made well.

Isolate versus Full Spectrum

For an in depth look at Isolate versus Full Spectrum, take a look at this writeup from Project CBD. In short, Isolated CBD tends to reach a cliff to it’s effectiveness, but Full Spectrum (or whole plant) does not have this same cliff. It’s important to understand that cannabinoids work better in conjunction with eachother and the flavor components naturally derived from the plant, this is known as the entourage effect.

For more information about choosing the best CBD oil for you, contact us at QC Infusion.

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