What are the Key Benefits of CBD Oil?

There is a reason why CBD oil is quickly becoming so popular among key benefits of cbd oilAmerican consumers—it is able to provide a wide variety of health benefits in a completely safe and natural way. Research is starting to show that CBD has some unique properties that do not exist in other cannabinoids; for example, CBD has been shown to have little to no effect on CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain and immune system, which means it is able to provide health benefits without having any psychoactive effects, unlike THC.

6 key benefits of CBD oil:

It relieves pain and inflammation

Natural pain relief is perhaps the most important benefit associated with CBD oil. Evidence from a variety of studies indicates certain cannabinoids are helpful in relieving pain because they inhibit brain signals in pain pathways.

It reduces anxiety

CBD has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety, particularly among people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. Some researchers believe it could be effective for helping provide relief from panic disorder, post-traumatic stress and obsessive compulsive disorder.

It provides relief from nausea

Significant amounts of research have been performed looking at the ability of THC and CBD to relieve nausea and vomiting. In low doses, CBD can help to suppress vomiting caused by certain toxins. Cannabis has actually been used for many generations as a means of suppressing nausea, so this research would explain why.

It helps provide treatment for seizures

A 2014 study conducted by Stanford University researchers indicated CBD has helpful properties to prevent seizures in epileptic patients. Sixteen of the 19 children in the study saw a reduction of seizure frequency when they were taking CBD-enriched cannabis for their treatment. Two of those 16 reported a complete freedom from seizures.

It decreases the risk of diabetes

CBD has been shown to help reduce the amounts of blood sugar in the body, which means the reduction of a significant risk factor in the development of diabetes.

It encourages better overall cardiovascular health

Research indicates CBD helps to protect against the vascular damaged caused by high levels of glucose or inflammation, which means users can experience better overall cardiovascular health.

Researchers continue to analyze CBD, but it has become clear to the general public that CBD oil has numerous beneficial properties to naturally improve one’s health.

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