Vape Update

Hello Everyone!

We are temporarily marking our vape products out of stock. We are excited to announce a partnership with O2Vape to take our vape to the next level! They will be available again on 2/1/17.

Our batteries will now come with a lifetime warranty. Any problems that arise from general use can be handled directly with O2Vape for a full replacement. Warranty cards will be provided with all starter kits.

Our tanks are now going through heavier quality control checks to ensure there is no issues when you purchase. We have identified problems that occurred with our previous supplier and chose to partner with a leader in the industry. We wanted to ensure our customers have the most reliable product possible and deemed this a necessary step moving forward.

One of our goals besides providing the highest quality product available, is offering them at the lowest cost possible. With these new quality checks and lifetime warranty, comes a small price increase. We continue to be dedicated to providing the lowest cost possible to our consumers.

To our loyal Customers, we appreciate your feedback and thank you for making this possible!

All the best,

Queen City Hemp Team

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